Nicki Adani

Who I Am

Nicki Adani is a Bay Area sculptor, designer, and painter.  She studied fashion design at the French Design School ESMOD and worked as a designer in Europe, New York, and California.  Before moving to the United States, she apprenticed with a number of artists in Germany.  In 2016 she began studying sculpture, as well as ceramics, welding, and metal fabrication. 

She was born in Munich, with a family background split between Germany and Israel.

The contrast of opposites informs her work on a conceptual level, as she explores how to create balance by bringing together opposing elements.  Throughout her work, she explores themes of empowerment and transformation.

Nicki brings her design and pattern-making experience into her sculpting process, enjoying the challenge of building in wood and steel.  She molds and configures materials that at first seem unyielding to create unusual works of art.

Her work has been featured at Silicon Valley Sculpture 2020 and 2021, at Burning Man 2019, and at Art Ventures Gallery in Menlo Park. She received an honoraria grant from the Burning Man Arts Foundation for her large-scale sculpture, “Taking Flight,” which is currently displayed at the Petaluma Arts Center.  In 2020 she was selected for an artist collaboration under the Sonoma ReOpening Grant program funded by the National Endowment for the Arts.

She has also been a build crew member for David Best Temples, working on art installations for the Smithsonian Renwick Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Oakland Museum of California.

Public and Private Commissions:

Nicki Adani creates custom indoor and outdoor art pieces that bring life and beauty to public and private spaces.  Her aesthetic has a modern contemporary feel meant to inspire and uplift the viewer.  Her innovative installations enhance spaces for human interaction and enjoyment.

She brings her own artistic eye to each project, paying attention to the natural environment, incorporating the effects of light and shadow.  She pays careful attention to the requirements of the space itself.  She creates unique sculptural art pieces that provide an ever changing visual experience for the viewer.

Her private commissions include unique paintings and sculptural art.  She also takes everyday functional elements and turns them into custom designed art pieces.  These include fountains, gates, fences, light fixtures, room dividers, fireplace screens and sliding doors.  She transforms these everyday objects into art that can become the focal point for a room or an outdoor environment.

Nicki Adani

Artisan Type: Artist
Business Name: Time 2 Fly
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 415-317-1804