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It is NBCC’s mission to ensure that all children and families, regardless of race, socio-economic standing, and/or resource, are provided with an equal opportunity for early education, and in turn, long term success. The tragic and racially charged current events are a reminder of the higher standard of fairness, integrity and compassion we at the North Bay Children’s Center hold ourselves to. We are committed to providing an anti-bias environment and curriculum that supports children and their families as they develop a sense of identity in a diverse society.

Long term benefits of high quality early care and early education

One of the greatest challenges faced in this era of disparity is the widening gap between children growing up in strong, economically secure families—within thriving communities—and children who are not. As our nation’s education achievement gap grows, so does universal recognition of the importance of high quality early care and education.

Our economic future depends on providing the tools for upward mobility and building a highly educated, skilled workforce. Early childhood education is the most efficient way to accomplish these goals yet so many children are being left out of this system.

At North Bay Children Center, our mission is to ensure that all children, especially our most vulnerable, have access to those critical early learning experiences that build the foundation for life-long success. For nearly three decades, our programs have provided safety net services for thousands of families struggling to provide the best start for their children.

NBCC was one of the first early childhood education providers to recognize that nutrition education has a place in the daily curriculum of a child care environment. NBCC’s award winning Garden of Eatin’® program is creating awareness among children that learning about what you eat is as important as knowing one’s letters and numbers. By providing high-quality early education that integrates health, nutrition, and family support into our daily curriculum NBCC has proven its ability to significantly improve the outcomes for so many disadvantaged children.

Our alignment with elementary school partners has enabled NBCC to more than double the number of children served in our classrooms over the past five years. Thanks to creative community partnerships and local private and public sector investments in our early education system, NBCC increased its capacity again this past year and is now serving 600 children on a daily basis across 14 locations.

We have always been anchored with a clear purpose and commitment to the communities we serve. We know that building a solid preschool foundation is essential for our community and for our children’s future success. But we can’t do it alone. We invite you to learn more about how you can make a difference and together we can turn Marin and Sonoma’s education achievement gap into an education achievement opportunity!

North Bay Children’s Center

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