Soap Cauldron

Who We Are

We are community based, and family owned. We care about transparency and simplicity.

Our products are locally inspired, made naturally and packaged sustainably.

Sisters Pandora and Emma and her daughter Sabrina are the creative energy behind Three Sisters Apothecary. Together we create all our bath and skin care items in our local soap studio and share our products with our local community of family and friends. We choose to select ingredients directly from nature and transform them into nourishing and gentle products to cleanse and pamper the skin. Try either of our brands Three Sisters Apothecary or Soapy Tails and experience our truly natural products and pamper yourself or the ones you love.

What makes our brand unique:

  • We use only natural ingredients which is why we only make anhydrous (oil based) products.
  • Products made without water do not require synthetic preservatives or emulsifiers, as such you won’t find any liquid soaps or body lotions in our line.
  • Our products are made naturally and packaged environmentally with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Three Sisters Apothecary

Artisan Type: Soap Makers
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 707-888-5659